The Gîte

Nadalie is a small hamlet with about twenty houses, few of which are permanently occupied. The hamlet has hardly any traffic and is way of the main traffic lines.

With a bit of luck you will meet some of the habitants; In the beginning of the 20st century Nadaly must have had 24 chimneys (families) but now there are only five, and in the summer a few more. Those who remained are very hospitable and always care for a chat.

Nadalie is situated just along the border between the Dordogne and the Lot, two provinces, but also two rivers that attract many tourists with their castels and views. Both the Lot and the Dordogne are beautifull regions, each with its own character. Because we live just in between and outside their centers, nature is at its best with us, but in the same time we can easily reach the city cores. If you plan your vacation you can prepare for city-visits (eg Sarlat), Country and forest hiking, castels and musea, swimming and canoe, visit caves etcetera. On average the temperature will be 5 degrees warmer than in England.